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المعرفة الذكية للخدمات التقنية

We Grow Together


Our standards are the law that we can't go against or break, it is the tool of success and customer satisfaction.


Latest Technology is something common, it is the right of each human, we beleive one day, we can forward it to everybody.


We can't grow but together with our customers.
Technology is the key of success, Creativity is the Key of Arts i.e. (Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes, Art is knowing which one to keep).

Client Reviews

  • Thrifty: Grand-IT service is excellent, we always find them around whenever we need them.
  • Alpha: Grand-IT is the best service company we have ever dealt with.
  • Izhiman Group:Grand-IT is always around, We always see in them the best experience and prompt service

About Us


701001 (Smart Knowledge Technical Services) was firstly started its work since 2008 as IT Solutions provider only, the trust of our client forced us to extend our activities and work to several other lines to be always under our clients service.

The Honest Team of HOLOOL and the good reputation in the market, were the main reasons behind our success and progress.
our communication with outside markets helped us in providing our customers with best quality with best prices.


Latest News

  • 9Oct
    Thrifty Branches Connecting
    In this date we have connected the main branch network with the first branch in king Abdullah gardens, the customer can now run his application from within the branch and save the date online in the main branch.
  • 29Sep.
    Philadelphia Pharmaceuticals WebSite:
    In this date we have finished working on the website of Philadelphia Pharmaceuticals Company www.philapharma.com